[Ontbirds] Laughing Gull - Fort Erie, Ontario -North Shore of Lake Erie near Niagara River

WilliamWatsonSr at aol.com WilliamWatsonSr at aol.com
Sun Sep 17 22:20:01 EDT 2006

I apologize for that blank.
I do not know why anyone else has posted this:
This evening a Laughing Gull was found by Peter Yeorg and also observed by  
me and others from 6:10  - 6:45 PM. Although the bird had some adult  
characteristics it seemed to best fit the plumage etc. of a second winter  bird.  The 
bird was hawking insects with over a hundred Ring-billed,  Bonapart's, and 
Herring Gulls, as well as, 6 Common Night Hawks.  
The bird was observed resting at three locations: at the end of Kraft Road,  
about 100 meters west, and 200 meters west of Kraft Road. Kraft Road ends at 
the  north shore of Lake Erie about a mile or two west of the Niagara River. 
Kraft  Road can best be reached by Dominion Road which is the main road running 
east or  west, about two kilometers north of the north shore of Lake Erie in 
Fort  Erie.
Best Wishes for Great Birding,
Bill Watson 
Tonawanda, NY

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