[Ontbirds]Ivory-billed Woodpeckers in Florida

Wayne P. Neily neilyornis at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 29 03:09:04 EDT 2006

     Yes,  I'm off-topic again, but this hasn't received the publicity of
   the Arkansas ones and should be of interest to any of you that haven't
   already heard of it.

     Quite  a  bit  of  persuasive  evidence  is provided by this team of
   researchers  from  Auburn  University  and  the University of Windsor,
   including  14  sight  identifications  (but  no  photos)  in  one year
   (2005-2006)   in   a  riverbottom  area  of  northern  Florida.  Their
   presentation  is  a  little  more cautious than the Arkansas ones, but
   they are evidently convinced. Here is the article on-line:


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