[Ontbirds] Snow Geese , Ross,s Geese hybrids update at Big Creek Amherstburg Ontario

Robert Horvath nbt4u at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 29 14:08:43 EDT 2006

update to my earlier posting i found these birds this morning and after going threw the photographs i took  several  are either Ross,s Geese or a combination of Ross,s geese and something else i wanted to do an update because i was excited and i put down i found them in A burg  well  if your not from  this area that is no  help, sorry  for not being   more specific A  Burg   is a nick  name  for Amherstburg  Ontario and Big Creek is located in Amherstburg Ontario on  county road 20  and creek road intersection .IF anyone else gets a good look at these birds i would be curious to  hear opinions on exactly what they are 
  Good luck and good birding 
  Robert Horvath 
  nbt4u at yahoo.com 

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