[Ontbirds]HSR: SMRR- Lake Erie Metropark (29 Sep 2006) 5440 Raptors

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Fri Sep 29 19:09:56 EDT 2006

SMRR- Lake Erie Metropark
Brownstown, Michigan, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Sep 29, 2006

Species            Day's Count    Month Total   Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture                0              0              0
Turkey Vulture             950           1891           1891
Osprey                       5            188            188
Bald Eagle                  16            115            115
Northern Harrier            65            505            505
Sharp-shinned Hawk         258           4273           4273
Cooper's Hawk               19            146            146
Northern Goshawk             0              0              0
Red-shouldered Hawk          0              4              4
Broad-winged Hawk         4050          65452          65452
Red-tailed Hawk             24            201            201
Rough-legged Hawk            0              0              0
Golden Eagle                 0              1              1
American Kestrel            51           1635           1635
Merlin                       1             27             27
Peregrine Falcon             0             29             29
Swainson's Hawk              1              3              3

Total:                    5440          74470          74470

Observation start time: 07:15:00 
Observation end   time: 16:15:00 
Total observation time: 9 hours

Official Counter: Calvin Brennan

Observers:        Don Sherwood, Fred Kirn, John Elliot, Paul Cypher

Jim Maki
Stan Kowalski
Frank Kitakis
Robert Westland

Sunny conditions prevailed throughout much of the day with cumulous cloud
developing in the afternoon. Heavier cloud moved in late in the day ahead
of tonight’s forecast rain. Winds were light to moderate out of the west,
becoming more southerly by mid afternoon but remaining light for the most

Raptor Observations:
There was moderate to heavy movement throughout much of the day today
highlighted by an large push of birds in mid morning with three quarters
of the days Broad-wings coming through in a one-hour period along with one
of the largest groups of TVs. Other highlights of the day included a very
good push of harriers (I believe at one point there was 6 or 7 in view at
once) and Bald Eagles along with the season’s third Swainson’s Hawk, a
light morph juvenile. Among the migrant Red-tails seen today was an
individual that appeared to have a broken leg. One has to wonder how this
juvenile bird will fare during the first year of its life. 

Non-raptor Observations:
A small number of Rusty Blackbirds were noted migrating through today.

Report submitted by Calvin Brennan (common_raven at hotmail.com)
SMRR- Lake Erie Metropark information may be found at:

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