[Ontbirds]White-faced ibis at Long Point

dianesalter at execulink.com dianesalter at execulink.com
Tue Oct 3 09:23:22 EDT 2006

The flock of 11 ibis reported yesterday by Ron Ridout is still in the same general area 
this morning.  

When I left there, shortly before 9 am, the birds were in the freshly ploughed field 
behind the same farm.  Follow Ron's directions (see below) and continue past both 
houses & turn right on the West Quarter Line Road.  The birds were working the mud 
just past the back driveway into the farm.

Take Highway 59 south towards Long Point.  The A Concession is the first road on 
the right south of the 1st Concession (still about 2 km north of the Long Point 
causeway).  Travel west on the A Concession down through the Big Creek valley and 
continue west towards the hamlet of Erieview which about 1 km. west of Big Creek. 
Just before Erieview, you will leave behind the weedy ditches on both sides of the 
road and come to a somewhat neatly mowed roadside ditch filled with water on the 
north side.   

When I left the area it was pouring rain.  This did not seem to be affecting the birds in 
any way as they were busy feeding.

dianesalter at execulink.com

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