[Ontbirds]Cattle Egret in Casselman area, East of Ottawa

Jacques Bouvier bouvier at magma.ca
Tue Oct 3 20:02:08 EDT 2006

Marc Denis phoned me at 5:30 pm to ask me to come over to his place and 
check out a possible Great Egret.  White bird with yellow bill and dark 
legs. He did not mention the size. Well it turned out to be an adult 
non-breeding CATTLE EGRET.

The egret follows the horses on his property which is north of and adjacent 
to the Casselman Sewage Lagoons.  His land lies between Route 500 and the 
Sewage Lagoons.  At 6:30 pm the bird flew a short distance and landed in the 
lagoons. It should return to feed first thing in the morning.  Hopefully!

Mr Denis is very birder friendly and if you cannot see the bird from the 
road or the lagoons please announce your presence and he will gladly let you 
look for the bird on his property. The egret may be hidden from view by his 
barn or other buildings.
I will post pictures of the bird on my blog later tonight.  Meanwhile those 
of you who were on the OFO Alfred trip Saturday can have a look at the blog 
and see a few of the people pictures I posted. (double click the pics to 
make them larger)      http://jacquesbouvier.blogspot.com       Cheers,

Jacques Bouvier
CP/Box 184
St-Isidore, ON K0C 2B0
(613) 524-1154
bouvier at magma.ca


 Casselman sewage lagoons: directions courtesy of Neily World


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