[Ontbirds] YES Cattle Egret in Casselman, Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow in Alfred etc..

Jacques Bouvier bouvier at magma.ca
Wed Oct 4 12:54:52 EDT 2006

The owner, Marc Denis, spotted the egret perched in a small shrub at the 
Casselman Sewage Lagoons at 11 am today.

His land which lies between Route 500 and the Casselman Sewage Lagoons. 
Please ask Mr Denis permission
to enter his property at 545 Route 500 to look for the bird if you don't see
 it from the road or the lagoons.

Upon closer examination of the photos the bird may not be a nonbreeding
adult as I mentioned yesterday.  Is it a juvenile or an immature?  Please
see photos here   http://jacquesbouvier.blogspot.com  and let me know
privately what age you think it is. Thanks.

At 11 am I was at the Alfred Sewage Lagoons and found the NELSON'S 
SHARP-TAILED SPARROW in the same spot we saw it during the OFO trip on 
Saturday. From the viewing platform go north along the embankment that 
separates the two ponds.  It was seen in the cattails of the west pond which 
are found between the tower and mid-way along the embankment. If you scroll 
down from the Cattle Egret  you will find group pictures of Saturday's OFO 
participants.  If your french is rusty do like Chris Michener and get Google 
to translate the site for you.
On the way back to St-Isidore I spotted an immature BALD EAGLE flying low 
over Concession 10 between the Alfred Lagoons and the Alfred Bogwalk.


CASSELMAN sewage lagoons: directions courtesy of Neily World


ALFRED sewage lagoons:

>From the town of Alfred go east on Highway 17, then turn
south on Peat Moss Road and drive for 2 km. The lagoons are on your left
(east side of road). Contact (during weekdays) Richard Villeneuve, Township
of Alfred and Plantagenet at (613) 679-2292 for the required permit to enter 
the lagoons.
The permit may be purchased at the municipal office in Alfred (HWY 17) 
beside the fire hall.
The hunting season is upon us and game wardens will now charge hunters or 
anyone not having the proper permit.

Jacques Bouvier
CP/Box 184
St-Isidore, ON K0C 2B0
(613) 524-1154
bouvier at magma.ca

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