[Ontbirds]Bald Eagle - Arva, ON

Anita Granger Beazley marvus at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 4 15:44:34 EDT 2006

At approx. 1:30 this afternoon a Bald Eagle was perched atop a partially
dead, mature Maple Tree, adjacent to Medway Creek in Arva, north of London.

The "creek" was largely flooded due to this morning's heavy rains.  


Hwy #4 north from London to Medway Road and turn left (west), the Bald Eagle
was atop a tree approx. half way between Hwy #4 and Wonderland road, on the
north side;  about 500 metres east of the small bridge over Medway Creek.


A. Granger

Ilderton, ON


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