Langis Sirois lsir at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 4 21:14:57 EDT 2006

Hi all.

The Cattle Egret found yesterday by Marc Denis at his farm at 545 route
500, North of Casselman, and reported on ontbirds by Jacques Bouvier,
was present to-day at least until 3:30PM.  When he first checked at 7:30
this morning, Mr. Denis did not see the bird, but he found it later
feeding around his horses in a field behind his house. The area were it
was to-day was not visible from the road nor from Mr Denis house.  I
walked through the field to get to the area, with Mr. Denis permission. 

When I arrived around 2:00PM, the bird was resting near the horses.  It
flew to the lagoons after a few minutes and perched on a bush tree
between the 2 pounds.  It later returned to feed among the horses.  «At
first, the horses were chasing it away, kind of playing a game with the
bird, said Mr. Denis, then they appeared to accept its presence.»

At about 3:00PM I went to the lagoons.  I had a better view from there
because the path around the ponds is on higher ground than the field in
which the horses and the birds were.  The field is between the lagoons
and Mr. Denis home.

As was said before, Mr. Denis is birder-friendly and will allow people
on to his farm until the morning of Saturday Oct. 7th.  If you go, you
might want to check if you can see the bird from the lagoons first;
since the bird might be roosting and resting in the bush trees between
the two ponds, approach with care to avoid frightening it away.  There
might be hunters there during the weekend, so try to get there before
they scare the bird away... if it remains until then.  With mild weather
and apparently insects around, it might still be there for a few days. 

Good luck.

Langis Sirois, Ottawa

Casselman sewage lagoons: directions courtesy of Neily World


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