Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Thu Oct 5 16:17:19 EDT 2006

----- My thanks to Dan, Jerry, Dennis, Margaret, Joyce, Alf, Rosemary, Jonathan for taking over at CMRW
Observation time-8am to 2pm (hawktime)

The table below speaks for itself; but to see "rivers" of Turkey Vultures after 11am until there was a shift in the wind, was indeed a sight. At 0800 2 Bald Eagles flew low to the south, being constantly pushed over the lake, then flapping to get back over land--quite a sight. 3 more BEs came through later.

                                      Day's Count    TOTAL
Turkey Vulture                        1070          1359
Osprey                                    0              150
Bald Eagle                             5               46
N. Harrier                                5               151
Sharp-shinned                      65                1274
Cooper's                               6                  71  
Northern Goshawk                  0               10
Red-shouldered                      0                4
Broad-winged                         6               973
Red-tailed                             72              313
Rough-legged                        0                 0
Golden Eagle                          0                0                    
Am.Kestrel                             7               647
Merlin                                     0               21
Peregrine                                0               11
Unidentified                            4                59
TOTAL                                1240           5091

>From the west--Exit 401 at Salem Rd. in Ajax, south to Bayly, east through Lakeridge Rd., one block to Hall's Rd., south towards the lake, parking at the entrance to the south pathway.
>From the east--Exit 401 at Brock St. in Whitby, south to Victoria, west past the Lynde C.A. parking lot to Hall's Rd.--

Doug Lockrey, Whitby, ON

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