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This is an addendum to my email to Ontbirds on Thursday, Sept. 5th.  I'm 
sure by now some have had a close look at the Cattle Egret and have formed 
some opinion as to its age.  I mention this in regards to a question posed 
by Jacques Bouvier in his original email to Ontbirds regarding the age of 
the bird.  I managed to take some photos of the Cattle Egret so these may be 
of some assistance.

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> The Cattle Egret first reported a couple of days ago at the property 
> located at 545 route 500, North of Casselman, could be seen all afternoon 
> in the fields backing onto the lagoons.  It was still there when I left 
> around 5pm.
>>From the high vantage point of the lagoon area you can look down onto the
> property located at 545 Route 500.  The Cattle Egret could be seen 
> following in the footsteps of the few horses on the property.  It would 
> seem that each time one of the horses kicked up the soil (in the course of 
> walking around) the Cattle Egret would be right there pecking at something 
> in the kicked up soil.
> Casselman sewage lagoons: directions courtesy of Neily World
> W.H.
> Ottawa, Ontario.
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