[Ontbirds]Cattle Egret at Casselman, Prescott-Russell

Martin Bowman pict at glen-net.ca
Sat Oct 7 17:33:33 EDT 2006


Gillian Horgan and I observed the Cattle Egret at 545 Route 500, near 
Casselman this morning (Sat., Oct 7th) between 11 a.m. and 
noon.    We  went to 545 Route 500 where there was no access to the 
property.  We were able to see the Egret very well from the road by looking 
at the overhanging roof of the horse shed at the far back of the 
outbuildings behind the house.  The bird was perched on the overhang in 
full view. The entire time we were there the bird did not budge from the 
its place on the roof.

Directions below copied from earlier e-mail . . .

Martin Bowman
Williamstown, Ont.

>Hello Ontbirds people,
>The CATTLE EGRET 1st discovered on Oct. 3rd at a farm north of the Casselman
>sewage lagoons was still present all day today (seen by various people
>including Bob Bracken, Bob Cermak, Paul Mirsky, Paul Schoeing and myself)
>until at least 5:30 pm, even after a change in the weather with overnight
>temperatures near 0 degrees C. and sometimes strong northwest winds. The
>bird was seen in the farmyard with the horses immediately opposite the
>walkway between the two lagoon cells and seemed quite content. Also present
>in the 1st cell of the lagoons were a juvenile LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER (1st
>reported yesterday by Tom Hanrahan and still present today) and at least 80
>Ruddy Ducks along with 10 Common Goldeneye, several Ring-necked Ducks.  Two
>Surf Scoters were also here on the 4th.
>CASSELMAN - Take Hwy 417 east from Ottawa to exit 66 (watch out for
>construction and some tricky lane closures from the Embrun though the
>Casselman exits!)  At exit 66 turn left (north) and proceed past the Tim
>Horton's and the RR tracks. Take Laurier St. (the 2nd right after the RR
>tracks) and follow it until you reach Rte 500. Turn right onto Rte. 500. The
>laneway to the lagoons comes up immediately on your right.  The property of
>Marc Denis (the owner of the farm on which the egret has been enjoying its
>sojourn) is at #545 Rte 500.  As previously mentioned, there is no need to
>enter the property to see the bird, but Mr. Denis is birder-friendly and if
>you check with him at his home he is evidently happy to let people onto his
>property until Sat. Oct. 7th).
>Good fall birding!
>Chris Lewis
>hagenius at primus.ca
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