[Ontbirds]Sandhill Cranes near Kingston

Chris Grooms jaba1961 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 19 09:38:08 EDT 2006

This morning I observed at least 1 crane calling from
a field south of Florida Road east of Wilton. This
seems to be a regular stopover as I find them here
spring and fall.

>From Kingston drive north on HWY 38 to the Yarker Road
Turnoff (Left)(county Rd. 4). Immediately take the
Left on to Henderson. Drive 250m to Florida Rd and
turn Left. Drive about 5 Km and look for 4471. Search
the large open fields on the south side of the road
for 400m either side of 4471 (white house with candy
cane driveway marker).Please Drive slowly on this part
of the road so you don’t hit people’s pets. 
Chris Grooms

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