[Ontbirds] Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Cackling Goose along with 155 raptors at Cranberry--Oct.24/06

Doug Lockrey lockrey33 at rogers.com
Tue Oct 24 17:21:21 EDT 2006

The weather conditions brought out at least 25 observers and visitors to the CMRW platform today--Oct.24. I thank everyone for their contributions. 
Top non-raptors-- at 0810-- Bettina spotted a imm. YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO in a very nearby alder--it remained with us for 10 minutes--for photographs!!; a CACKLING GOOSE at 12:28; others included Blue-gray gnatcatcher, brown thrasher, hermit thrush, wood thrush, brown creeper, junco, swamp sparrow, Wilson's snipe, Am.wigeons, shovelers, wood ducks, gadwall, ---
Many Common Loons flew over.   

Medium Northwest winds; rising BP; TUV=2; temp.-from 0C to 7C; mostly overcast
Observations made by 20 observers over 7 hours-Oct.24
Counter--Jim Munroe, Jerry Ball, Doug Lockrey
Observers-- Dan Kaczynski, Eleanor Wellman (from Bala), Bettina Murphy, Ron Pittaway, Carol Horner, Mary Shuster, Don lloyd, Charlie Adey, Karl Jennewein, Rick Lauzon et al

                                      Day's Count    TOTAL
Turkey Vulture                       16             2058
Osprey                                   0             157
Bald Eagle                            0               52
N. Harrier                               6               177
Sharp-shinned                      59            1581
Cooper's                                 17              131
Northern Goshawk                  0               15
Red-shouldered                      3                12
Broad-winged                        0              974
Red-tailed                              47              428
Rough-legged                        0                 2
Golden Eagle                           0              2
American Kestrel                  2               655
Merlin                                       1               26
Peregrine                                0                 14
Unidentified                            4                94
TOTAL                                   155          6378

>From the west--Exit 401 at Salem Rd. in Ajax, south to Bayly, east through Lakeridge Rd., one block to Hall's Rd., south towards the lake, parking at the entrance to the south pathway.
>From the east--Exit 401 at Brock St. in Whitby, south to Victoria, west past the Lynde C.A. parking lot to Hall's Rd.--

Doug Lockrey, Whitby, ON

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