[Ontbirds]RE:Re: Fox sparrows at Pinecroft, near Aylmer, Ontario

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Thu Oct 26 11:12:23 EDT 2006

   Oct. 26, 2006

   Greetings fellow birders:

   This week has been very active for a flury of fall migrants discovered
   at  Pinecroft.   Yesterday, at around 6:00 pm on the south side of the
   pond  a small flock of Hermit thrush moved through with Brown creeper,
   Ruby  crowned  kinglet, Golden crowned kinglet, Black capped chickadee
   and  numerous  American  robins.   Over  the  weekend  2  Fox sparrows
   appeared on Trail C, located on the east side of the parking lot.  The
   Fox  sparrow  and  Hermit  thrush  were  new  birds  for  the official
   Pinecroft  bird  species  list, which is available for purchase inside
   the Green frog tearoom restaurant for $1.50 CAD.

   To  get  to Pinecroft, take Highway #3 to Aylmer.  On the west side of
   Aylmer,  turn  left,  heading south on Rogers Road South.  Continue on
   Rogers  Rd.  S.  approximately  1.5  kilometers  to  the  stop sign at
   Conservation  Line.   Continue  through  the stop sign at Conservation
   Line  to  the  third  or  forth  entrance on the left, or east side of
   Rogers Rd. S.  This is the entrance to Pinecroft.  If you get lost you
   may phone them for directions at; 519-773-3435.

   Good birding!

   Dave Jolly,
   Senior Instructor
   EARTHQUEST Biological Field School
   8122 Rogers Road South
   RR#5 Aylmer West, Ontario N5H 2R4
   Phone: 1-519-875-3340
   Email: earthquestAThotmail.com

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