[Ontbirds]Piping plover at Hillman marsh

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Wed Nov 1 19:07:00 EST 2006

This afternoon at 3.35pm I found a Piping Plover on the mudflats at the south side of Hillman Marsh.
I posted to Ontbirds from the field unfortunately this post has just been received and posted on Ontbirds. 
By way of update, the plover was with approx 300 Dunlin and one semipalmated plover.
These birds were active and were flying between the south side and Lebo bridge. I understand from Alan Wormington that a Piping Plover. Has been in the area, being originally found on October 1st.  Alan advises that this is a record late date for Pelee. Also today at Pelee were 114 Tundra swans flying over the tip. 

Michael Tate

Michael Tate

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