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Naish McHugh naisheila at rogers.com
Sun Nov 5 22:13:52 EST 2006

This is an official posting from the High Park Raptor Watch.
Station :  High Park, Toronto, Ontario.
View Period, Oct. 30 - Nov. 5, 2006.
Station Co-ordinator - Don Barnett.
Counters: D. Barnett, B. Carswell, C. Harte, M. Kelch, N. McHugh, N. Murr, H. Shapiro.

The following are our totals for the period 30th Oct. - 5th Nov. and the year to date.

Species                                        30 Oct - 5 Nov      Year to Date. 

Turkey Vulture                                     2                    1626 
Osprey                                                 0                        36
Bald Eagle                                            0                        28
Northern Harrier                                   4                      111 
Sharp-shinned Hawk                             8                    1649
Cooper's Hawk                                     2                      115
Northern Goshawk                                0                          3
Red-shouldered Hawk                           4                      116 
Broad-winged Hawk                              0                    2536 
Red-tailed Hawk                                   50                   1648
Rough-legged Hawk                                1                         4
Golden Eagle                                           2                        22
American Kestrel                                     1                      238
Merlin                                                      0                        23 
*Peregrine Falcon                                    2                         30  
Gyrfalcon                                                 0                           0 
Unidentified                                              4                       117
Other (Swainson's Hawk)                         0                           1 

Totals                                                      80                      8301

 *Totals for Peregrine Falcon may be high due to local birds which are unintentionally counted as migrating individuals.
Thanks to all the observers who participated this week, depite the less than favourable conditions.   
  High Park Site Description
  High Park is a 400 acre wooded park dominated by a Black Oak Savannah located just west of Downtown Toronto near Keele and Bloor. The park is operated by the City of Toronto Parks Department.
  The Count site (Hawk Hill) is located on a small hillat the north end of the Grenadier Restaurant parking lot. It is located about 1.5km (1 mile) north of Lake Ontario, at an elevation of 110 metres above sea level and 38 metres above Lake Ontario. The site location is N 43 degrees 37 minutes 03.8 seconds, W 79 degrees 28 minutes 56.5 seconds. This station is at the highest point and near the centre of the park; a steep slope that descends to a large pond is immediately west of the station. Full time counts have been recorded here since 1993.
  The following are partners in our raptor migration monitoring in the Greater Toronto Region: City of Toronto Parks and Culture Department, Toronto Ornithological Club, and Local Naturalist's Clubs.
  More information including a summary of our past observations is available at:
Naish McHugh, Observer. 
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