[Ontbirds]Wilson Snipe, Wood Duck and other birds - Ottawa

Langis Sirois lsir at sympatico.ca
Sat Dec 9 00:05:32 EST 2006

After a decent start last weekend in building a winter list, I decided
to keep going and I spent a few hours each day since Monday, mainly
checking the river at Shirleys Bay and other good areas for winter birds
in Ottawa.

To-day, Dec 8, a Wilson Snipe was present behind the National Research
Council on Montreal Rd., as well as a Merlin.  A Barrow's Goldeneye was
present on the Rideau River near the Queensway Bridge.

Yesterday Dec. 7, a male Wood Duck was on the Jock River at the bridge
on Steeple Hill Cr.  A Cackling Goose as well as both scaups and a
Ring-necked Duck were present at a large pond on Moodie Dr.

On Dec. 5, among a large flock of Canada Geese at the same pond, there
were 2 adult blue form Snow Geese; among some 100 or more ducks that
flew away from the pond in mid-afternoon, there were 2 Pintails. The
previous day a Green-winged Teal was present on the pond.  Large numbers
of gulls were also present at the pond each day (best viewed around
noon), including Iceland and Glaucous as well as a possible 2nd year
Lesser Black-backed and a possible 1st summer Thayer's (gulls are
generally far away on the pond and difficult to pick among the crowd).

On Dec. 4, at Shirleys Bay, a Horned Grebe and 2 Black Scoters could be
seen from the boat launch, and a Pintail and 20 Coots were seen West of
the dike (on Wednesday, the bay West of the dike was completely frozen). 

For those who would like to see the list of birds seen in and around
Ottawa since Dec 1st, the following web site might be very useful:

For directions, please e-mail me in private.

Good birding to all.

Langis Sirois, Ottawa

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