Tim Snieder tsnieder at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 9 14:24:14 EST 2006

so I was driving towards Sarnia on Lakeshore rd when I noticed a large 
raptor coursing low over a field on my left, alongside the car.  At this 
time I was close to Forest.  I immediately thought "goshawk?".  I pulled 
over right away and when I put my binoculars on it I realized to my 
astonishment that I had a gyrfalcon.  The huge beastliness of this falcon 
was quite obvious, as were it's not-too-pointy wingtips, dark streakiness, 
and thin barring on the tail.  Due to poor poor views, I could not tell for 
sure it's age/phase but I'm pretty sure it's a gray juvenile.  It was 
extremely fast and seemed intent on flying in a straight southwesterley 
direction.  Despite my efforts to follow it, I eventually lost it on the 
corner of Townsend line and Lakeshore rd.  It could be quite far away by 
now, but a check at the Sarnia Bay and Pt Edward Lighthouse are worth a try.
good birding!
Tim Snieder

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