[Ontbirds]Northern Shrike, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Whitby

Carol Horner icterus at rogers.com
Sun Dec 10 16:23:45 EST 2006

Hello Ontbirders

I spent an hour or so at Cranberry Marsh and Lynde Shores today, and saw 
a few interesting winter birds.
About halfway down the north pathway at Cranberry Marsh I found a 
GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET. On Hall's Road between the north pathway and 
Victoria St. I had nice view of a NORTHERN SHRIKE as it hunted along the 
side of  the road.
Over at Lynde Shores a GREAT BLUE HERON sat on the railing of the 
boardwalk on the marsh, and the domestic Muscovy Duck that has been 
there for a few weeks was looking for handouts at the bridge.

Directions to Lynde Shores Conservation Area and Cranberry Marsh.
Exit the 401 at Salem Road in Ajax. Go south to Victoria Street and turn 
left (east). Go past Lakeridge Road. For Cranberry Marsh, turn right 
(south) on Hall's Road. For Lynde Shores continue past Hall's Road and 
the entrance to Lynde Shores in on the right (south)side.

Good Winter Birding

Carol Horner
Toronto, Ontario
icterus AT rogers DOT com
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