[Ontbirds]Bald Eagle @ Princeton & Golden Eagle @ Point Pelee

Mike Street mikestreet at hwcn.org
Sun Dec 10 17:01:28 EST 2006

Near Princeton yesterday (Saturday, Dec. 9, 2006)  a distant raptor
circling over the westbound Hwy. 403 turned out to be an adult Bald
Eagle. The bird was seen at 1:25PM right over the KM 14 marker, so
that distance east of Hwy. 401 and Woodstock. Since there is no major
water body for many miles I can only assume the bird was moving
cross-country toward Windsor.

At 9:00 this morning (Sunday, Dec. 10, 2006) an adult Golden Eagle
heading south into very strong winds along the Point Pelee marsh
decided discretion was the better part of valour and turned back just
over the Deslaurier Trail area.

Raptor watchers are aware that not all eagles migrate in the 'normal'
September to November time frame. Some will stay north until things
really freeze up. Significant flights - usually of Bald Eagles - have
been seen in the Christmas - New Year's period in the Wisconsin
corridor leading out of Minnesota and Northern Ontario. It appears
that last week's cold snap may have persuaded a few more easterly
birds that it was time to head south.


Mike Street
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
mikestreet at hwcn.org

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