[Ontbirds]Razorbill continues to feed at NOTL

Barry Cherriere bcherriere at cogeco.ca
Tue Jan 2 20:28:11 EST 2007

Yes the Razorbill shows no sign of going anywhere. It seems very content on 
the amount of food that it must be finding at the mouth of the Niagara 
River. We watched it from 12:20 to 3:30, from the gravel parking lot at the 
end of River Street Road and Turntable St., near the marina, in Niagara On 
The Lake, opposite from Fort Niagara (USA) . At 3:35 I did see it flying way 
out into the lake, about twice the distance beyond the green marker buoy, 
then land in the lake. We didn't wait for it's possible return to the 
regular feeding areas between the green Buoy and the fort Niagara, in the 
area where the river waters meet the lake waters.
  If you go looking for it, (a scope is needed). Start at the fort water 
area, and continue left towards the green buoy, looking along the rift water 
line where the river water meets with the lake waters.

 Entering Niagara On the Lake from Mississauga Street (HWY55), turn right at 
the end of 55 and then take your first left at (Simcoe St.). Turn right at 
it's end (Front St.) to King St. Turn left here, at the end of that parquet 
called (Queen's Royal Park), to get to the water's edge. It will become 
Delater St. Follow it to Turntable  St. and turn left, towards the river . 
It will end at River St. and make a left into the gravel parking lot that 
looks over to Fort Niagara.

Best regards,
Barry & Linda Cherriere


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