[Ontbirds]Kenora CBC - Spotted Towhee

Lyndon Kivi kivil at voyageur.ca
Wed Jan 3 09:49:12 EST 2007

I'm sending this on behalf of Leo Heyens -Kenora CBC Compiler.

I observed the Spotted Towhee yesterday for the first time. The bird  
has apparently been visiting a couple of local feeders since  
September, but the local birding community did not become aware of it  
until it was reported during the count.

CBC notes/highlights:

Total of 30 species observed -average is around 25

1 - C. Merganser
9 - C. Goldeneye (lower than average)
23 - Bald Eagle
14 - Ruffed Grouse (higher)
1 - Three-toed woodpecker
4 - Black-backed Woodpecker
14 - Am. Crow (higher)
1 - Black-billed Magpie
1 - Am. Robin (seen earlier in the week - not on count day)
1 - Am Tree Sparrow (seen earlier in the week only)
9 - Bohemian waxwing (lower)
1 - Common Grackle
15 - House Sparrow (higher)
1 - Spotted towhee (first for the count)

No Owls

Lyndon Kivi
Kenora, Ontario

Kenora is located in Northwestern Ontario near the Manitoba border.

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