[Ontbirds]Razorbill - Concerns

Jean Iron jeaniron at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 3 17:37:37 EST 2007

Many Canadian and American birders have expressed concerns about the 
safety of the Razorbill on the Niagara River where it flows into Lake 
Ontario. The last day of the duck hunting season on the New York side 
of the border is this Sunday, January 7. The duck hunting season is 
now closed in Ontario. We thought the duck hunters in the area should 
be notified about the Razorbill and asked not to shoot in its 
direction when hunting ducks. Today, we on behalf of OFO, and other 
birders in Ontario and New York contacted the New York State 
Department of Environment Conservation (DEC) because the state 
government regulates the activities of hunters. We also contacted the 
Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) because the Razorbill is a federally 
protected bird in Canada and the United States. The CWS said it would 
contact its counterpart, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, 
indicating concern for the Razorbill. All government agencies have 
been very helpful. Kayo Roy told us that the DEC in New York has 
notified all outfitters who deal with hunters telling them about the 
presence of the Razorbill at the outlet of the Niagara River. The US 
Coast Guard is also aware of the Razorbill. We feel that public 
relations and cooperation are the best ways to avoid a mishap to the 
Razorbill. Please report all sightings of the Razorbill to Ontbirds 
with times and locations so that it can be tracked.

DO NOT REPLY TO ONTBIRDS. If you want more information or have 
comments, please contact us directly.

Acknowledgements: The following birders were involved: John Black, 
Willie D'Anna, Betsy Potter and Kayo Roy. We thank the many others 
who acted on their own out of concern for the Razorbill.

Jean Iron & Ron Pittaway
Ontario Field Ornithologists
Toronto ON
jeaniron at sympatico.ca

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