[Ontbirds]Reesor Pond

STAN LONG stan.long at sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 4 15:37:31 EST 2007

   Reesor Pond at 3pm today had a Northern shrike quartering
   the ground of the west bank while there was a neat float-past
   of 13 Cackling geese, these quite pale and short-necked, not
   like the four more common dark Cackling geese that are so
   much like miniature Canada's, [one had a distinct white neck-
   ring] that I saw earlier in the week.

   Cackling geese show up daily among the larger flock of about
   2000 Canadas - these Canadas part of a larger mass wintering
   in the area that I guess consists of 10/15000 birds - a Bald-
   headed eagle had them all in the air a week or so ago - the
   air full of them from Hwy 407 in the South to North of Hwy 7.

   I suppose there are GTA records of over-wintering Cackling
   geese ?

   Lesser scaup, Pintail, Common mergansers, Buffleheads and
   Black ducks are commonly found in the mix - a juvenile Red-
   shouldered hawk hung around the pond for a couple of days
   before Christmas - cheers - Stan Long

   ps - Reeosr Pond lies just North fo Hwy 407 on Reesor Road
         in Markham

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