[Ontbirds] Razorbill; Possible female Barrow's Goldeneye - Niagara River

Willie D'Anna & Betsy Potter dannapotter at wzrd.com
Sat Jan 6 20:20:33 EST 2007

The Razorbill was seen off and on all day, almost to sunset, at the mouth of
the Niagara River.  Today, the place to view the bird from was off of Fort
Mississauga in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, which is adjacent to the golf
course and further out into the lake than Queen Royal Park.  Reports said
that it ranged from 100 to 300 yards off shore.  With the choppy water and
the distance, it would have been very difficult to pick this bird out if you
were looking from Fort Niagara on the NY side.  It was not visible from
Queen Royal Park, which is directly across the river from Fort Niagara.  The
bird only has to put up with one more day of duck-hunting.  Keep your
fingers crossed!

Several birders studied a female Goldeneye found by Brett Ewald and his
group above Niagara Falls.  The bird was directly across from the Greenhouse
(where there has been free parking most of this winter).  This is a little
below the stranded barge.  She was not that far from shore and would feed in
the rapids immediately below the Ontario Hydro Building (aka the
Engineerium) and rest in the impoundment that's just a little further
downriver.  Jean Iron and I took lots of photos and hope to get some
opinions on this bird.  It had a consistently steep forehead and a fairly
small bill and appeared to be an immature female.

Other birds today:
California, Iceland, and Thayer's gulls at Adam Beck.  Iceland and Lesser
Black-backed Gulls above the falls.  Lots of Bonaparte's Gulls around but we
didn't focus much on them and perhaps that's why we found nothing different
with them.  The number of large gulls was minimal, especially compared to
how good it was last Sunday.  Are the number of large gulls related to the
dumps being opened and closed (they're closed on Sundays)?

Good birding!
Willie D'Anna
Betsy Potter
Wilson, NY
dannapotter at wzrd.com

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