[Ontbirds] Northern hawk owl, other hawk - Brennan Hill, Low, Quebec, Sunday 21st Jan 2007

Bob Boisvert boisveb at rogers.com
Mon Jan 22 20:18:53 EST 2007

The norther hawk owl was still there, on Legault street (private property).  A number of photographers were there, with the owner's permission.  As described elsewhere, this bird does not mind human presence, and put on quite a hunting display.  Here are some pictures of it.

Be warned that it is eating a mouse; please abstain if this bothers you.


We also saw another hawk (picture 7443) , species unidentified, on Fieldsville  road leading back to 105

(from Bruce DiLabio)
>From Ottawa take Parkdale Ave. exit north off Hwy.417 and go 
north to the Ottawa River Parkway. Turn right (east) and follow parkway to 
the Portage Bridge and turn left onto bridge and follow Maisonneuve Blvd. 
north and watch for Hwy.5 north to Maniwaki. After cross bridge it is 
approximately 55 Kms to the turn off at Brennan's Hill. The hwy. will change 
from a 4 lane (Hwy.5) to a 2 lane (Hwy.105) a few times but keep following 
north through Wakefield, Alcove, and Farrellton before you reach Brennan's 
Hill. Turn left at Brennan's Hill Restaurant and follow MacDonald Road 8 
park on McDonald, at the intersection of Legault.  This is the Lalonde farm.  Ask for permission, the hawk owl was seen to the right of the farm, in the trees.  A friend has reported that it will hunt in the fields around there.  Look around.

For other unidentified hawk; 
continue on McDonald, turn right on Neely, turn right on Fieldville.  The hawk was near the single lane bridge over a stream.

Bob Boisvert
boisveb at rogers.com

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