[Ontbirds]Kingston area birds to Jan. 26, 2007

Peter and Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 26 09:19:11 EST 2007

Despite the cold weather there have been some interesting sightings this
week. There is still a good variety of waterfowl in Elevator Bay and the
Dupont  pond but the number of species and individuals is declining.
Elsewhere there were 2 Lesser Scaup on Amherst Island last Sunday, a Hooded
Merganser in the Napanee River near Yarker for the last two days, and a pair
of Trumpeter Swans at Chaffey's Lock since Tuesday.


There continues to a good selection of gulls at the Napanee dump with high
counts of 8 Glaucous on the 22nd and 2 Iceland on the 24th.


Raptors put on a very good show; 2 Cooper's Hawks, one up Hwy 15 north of
the 401 and another that made at least three visits to a Camden East feeder
over the course of the week, an adult Bald Eagle patrolled the west Kingston
waterfront with sightings on the 20th, 22nd and 24th, a  N. Goshawk on the
Opinicon Rd. yesterday, a Rough-legged Hawk near Wilton on the 20th, and a
white phase Gyrfalcon on Wolfe Island on Wednesday.


It was an excellent day on Amherst last Sunday with 7 Snowy Owls, 8
Short-eared, 26 Long-eared, and 3 Saw-whets. Two Great Horned Owls were seen
at Lemoine Pt. on Wednesday.


Seven Wild Turkeys were near Glenburnie yesterday and a Ring-necked Pheasant
visited a feeder near Hwy 38 and the Yarker Rd. on Tuesday.


Passerines provided more variety than usual for midwinter. There were
several flocks of Snow Buntings on Amherst last Sunday, some with Lapland
Longspurs and Horned Larks mixed in. There were 30 Horned Larks on Wolfe
that same day. The two dozen Red-winged Blackbirds at the feeder near
Elginburg has been surpassed by a flock of 50 at a feeder off Montreal St.
just north of the 401. There were about 150 Cedar Waxwings (with a few
Robins) feeding on Red Cedar berries on the Camden East Rd. about two km.
north of the 401 last Sunday. Despite a concerted effort no Bohemians were
found. Three E. Bluebirds were on Hwy 15 at the Washburn Rd. on Tuesday and
a White-crowned Sparrow is visiting a feeder at the south end of the Owl
Woods Rd. on Amherst Island.



Peter Good

Kingston Field Naturalists

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