[Ontbirds]Bar-headed Goose - (Doon) Kitchener

Neil E. Taylor neiletaylor at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 28 15:30:41 EST 2007

Yesterday morning as I participated with a team monitoring Bald Eagles in
the Kitchener/Cambridge/Paris area of the Grand River, I spotted a
Bar-headed Goose followed by 4 Canada Geese.  They were about 2 metres
behind the Bar-head, swimming up river.  The body of the Bar-headed was
gray, the head white with 2 black stripes.  The bill was a bright yellow.
It made single notes quite distinct from the CAGE and mallards.  This bird
could be easily seen from the road by the naked eye.  I followed its
progress up river until it was out of sight.  It was seen a few minutes
before 8:00 a.m. until about 8:20 using binoculars and scope.  This bird did
not act as an escapee. I posted this but unfortunately, I "Cc'd" several
birders in the area so the report was returned to me.  I returned to the
site late this a.m., but did not see that bird.  I will try to give updates
if the bird is seen again.  In the meantime, I would be interested in
responses back to me personally of experiences others have had with this

Location: Take 401 to the Kitchener/Cambridge exit (1st west of #8) at Homer
Watson Rd and Fountain Street exit.  Follow Homer Watson into Kitchener to
the first set of lights (a short distance).  Turn right onto Conestoga
College Blvd and proceed straight along on Doon Valley Drive.  Turn left
onto Old Mill Rd. (the 4th street on left) opposite a large red parking sign
to Parking Lot A and B at Conestoga College.  Turn onto Old Mill Rd.  Check
the river opposite entrance to Sydenham St. or opposite to a large brick
home at 1989 Old Mill Rd.  There is access to a community trail on the north
side of Schneider Creek that permits access to the river.  There are
hundreds of Mallards, Canada Geese, Common Mergansers, and Golden Eye.
There is a Red-bellied Woodpecker and a Carolina Wren in the area along with
Golden-crowned Kinglets.  Last week a mature American Bald Eagle was seen on
Wednesday and Thursday perched on the opposite side of the river slightly
down river from 1989 Old Mill Rd. 

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