[Ontbirds]Horned Larks at Little Britain

Hartley bob.mary.hartley at sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 28 15:52:56 EST 2007

Today I saw a flock of 95 Horned Larks and 4 Snow Buntings.  We saw the
flock on the 22nd and 25th but couldn't get a good count until today.  They
are in a field with cattle who are being fed in large hay mangers on wheels.
There is no sign that the cattle are also being grain fed, but the larks
feeding is concentrated in an area of manure.  It is likely that the manure
contains grain.  We have driven about the area a significant amount during
the week and have not seen any other Horned Larks.  These are probably very
early migrants.

Directions:  Starting from the junction of highways 35 and 7 south of
Lindsay, go west one stop light to the Little Britain Road, #4.  Turn south
and the road turns west immediately.  Proceed to Little Britain and continue
west on #4  At the first concession road (about 2 Miles past Little Britain)
the road  turns south.  At the end of the curve stop and look east.  You
will see the hay mangers (if not taken away).  The birds often fly about and
over the rise to the east,  but this is the best place to see them.

Bob and Mary Hartley
R R #4, Omemee.

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