[Ontbirds]Recent Long Point Birds

Mike Boyd mike.d.boyd at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 17:40:59 EST 2007

Dear Fellow Birders,
There have been a few more signs of spring lately down here in the Long
Point area. Mixed flocks of Horned Lark, Lapland Longspur, and Snow Bunting
have been frequenting the roadsides, as well as an increasing number of
American Crows are in the area, a flock of four Eastern Bluebirds near Bird
Studies Canada, and small flocks of Red-winged Blackbirds, Brown-headed
Cowbirds and Common Grackles are visiting local feeders. Ducks have also
been seen making forays across the lake looking for open water recently, and
a series of flocks totaling 1500 ducks was seen moving east just inland
today. Other good birds that have been seen lately include a Long-eared Owl
and Eastern Towhee in Clear Creek, several Rough-legged Hawks and Bald
Eagles in the area, White-throated and Swamp Sparrows visiting the Old Cut
bird feeders, up to 70 Tundra Swans, and at least 35 Sandhill Cranes were
seen today, although a week ago 85 were seen, so there may be more around.
The best area for Sandhill Cranes is along Lakeshore Rd between Port Royal
and West 1/4 Line.

Directions: Exit the 401 at Hwy 59 near Woodstock and follow it south all
the way to Port Rowan. There is an intersection here, to the left is Front
Rd (which takes you by the Bird Studies Canada office on the right), and
Lakeshore Rd to the right. If you continue straight on Hwy 59 you will come
into Big Creek which is the large marsh that will surround you.

Mike Boyd
Clear Creek, Ontario

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