[Ontbirds]Red-shouldered Hawk, Campbellville

Jenn Sinasac jennsinasac at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 17:51:54 EST 2007

Hi everyone,

Yesterday when I was driving west on Campbellville Rd from the centre of
Cambellville, I saw a Red-shouldered Hawk sitting low in a tree on the north
side of the road.  Today I saw another Red-shouldered Hawk (not sure if its
the same one, today's looked larger) sitting in a tree in the same area.  I
have seen red-shouldered hawks in this area quite a few times in the late
fall this previous season, including a pair sitting together on a couple
occasions, as well as sightings (also pairs) over the last few years, all in
the same area.  These birds seem to be winter residents in the Campbellville
area, it is definitely nice to see these beautiful birds hanging around.

Directions: Campbellville is located just south of the 401 on Guelph Line.
To get to area where the red-shouldered hawks have been seen, head west on
Campbellville Rd from the centre of town (the only stop lights) about 4-5 km
or so.  You will cross over 2 sets of train tracks, and just after passing
over the 2nd set start looking for the birds.  This area is fairly swampy,
and the hawk(s) like to perch on the trees that have branches overhanging
Campbellville Rd.  As you pass 1st Line, which intersects with Campbellville
Rd, you will head down into another swampy area, there is a pond on the
right side of the road and the hawks I saw over the past 2 days have been
sitting in the trees in this area.

Jenn Sinasac
Campbellville, Ontario

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