[Ontbirds]Merlin, Ottawa, Sandy Hill

Nicholas von Maltzahn nvmottawa at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 10 15:34:21 EDT 2007

   At  3:10  or  so  Tuesday,  a  Merlin  was  perched  10  metres up the
   tree north  of  293  Chapel  St.,  Sandy  Hill,  Ottawa.  This after a
   Peregrine  Falcon  seen  yesterday  at  the  417 footbridge across the
   Rideau River!

   Nick von Maltzahn
   Directions   (adapted   from  Neily  World):  From  Highway  417  (The
   Queensway) take exit 118 (follow the signs for Nicholas Street). Avoid
   doing  this during rushhour! Go northwest 1.3 km to Laurier Avenue and
   turn  right  or  northeast  onto it. Proceed ca. 800m and Chapel is at
   some lights, where turn north half a block.

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