[Ontbirds]RE: White winged scoterl at Niagara on the Lake

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Tue Apr 10 20:09:49 EDT 2007

   Apr. 10, 2007

   Greetings birders:

   Yesterday at about 4:00 pm, in almost the exact same location that the
   Razorbill  had  been seen in January/07 my wife Jan and I saw 15 White
   winged scoter with Long tailed ducks.
   To  get  there,  turn  right  from  Main Street in Niagara on the Lake
   onto Regent  Street  and go to the  end of the street to the stop sign
   to Queen's  Royal  Park.     There is a small   parking   lot  with  a
   gazebo.  Simply walk  down to the water's edge and look across to Fort
   Niagara, scaning  the  water's edge for mid sized stocky dark coloured
   birds  with  prominently  large  beaks  and white wing patches in both
   sexes.   The  birds are larger than Long tailed ducks and were roughly
   150 meters from the shoreline.

   Happy birding!
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