[Ontbirds]Golden Eagle - Eastern Ontario

Brian.Morin at pc.gc.ca Brian.Morin at pc.gc.ca
Wed Apr 11 15:11:03 EDT 2007

While searching unsuccessfully for Greater Snow Geese east of Bourget
today, I spotted a juvenile Golden Eagle on the ground a feet away from a
Canada Goose. The goose was floundering somewhat while the eagle just
stared. I didn't see the initial contact the eagle had made with the goose
but I watched the eagle lift off a few feet and drop close to the bird,
which attempted to back away. The eagle wasn't particularly interested in
what could have been an easy lunch (the stunned goose wouldn't have put up
much of a fight) and it lifted off, spiralling up on a thermal. It remained
in the area for about 10 minutes.

There were a few hundred to 1000 Canadas in various locations between
Bourget and Lancaster but no major concentrations. There was likely one
Snow Goose in the distance at Bourget and one bird on the Kraft retention
pond immediately south of Williamstown. That location also had a Ruddy

Brian Morin

To get to Bourget, take Hwy 417 east of Ottawa to the Vars exit. Head north
about 7 km to the T-junction at Russell Road and turn right (east). Bourget
is about 25 km. Cobbs Creek is just east of town along the same road.

Williamstown is north of Hwy 401 between Lancaster and Cornwall.

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