[Ontbirds]Kingston - Loggerhead Shrike(?) and Displaying Peacock

Wallace Rendell WRendell at loyalistc.on.ca
Wed Apr 11 15:51:25 EDT 2007

Hello, Everyone,

Mid-afternoon, this past Saturday, at Lemoine's Point Conservation
Area, we saw a shrike we believe to be a Loggerhead singing in low,
dense, throny scrub by a red oak stand just north of the sheep farm
there. The bird flew to the top of these same oaks when approached, but
continued singing. It allowed approach to within 20 m.  We originally
mistook it for a Mockingbird while it was out of sight in the brush. Its
belly was characterized by grey-ish flanks, with no obvious barring.
Being unfamiliar with shrike song, and having no spotting scope, we
suggest it was a Loggerhead, but we're not 100% sure. It was neither
seen nor heard on two subsequent visits (Sunday, Monday).

Turn 180 degrees from this oak stand, look to the sheep farms
easternmost buildings, and you may see the male peacock in full display
with two peahens!

Wallace Rendell

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