[Ontbirds]Whooping Crane - Long Point - April 13, 2007

Stuart Mackenzie s_a_mackenzie at yahoo.ca
Sat Apr 14 07:00:23 EDT 2007

Apologies for the double post.

Last evening at about 1910, Jesse Pakkala and myself found ourselves
stunned for a moment as a young Whooping Crane flew toward us from out
over the Crown marshes adjacent to the Long Point Provincial Park.  We
were sitting on the dyke at the Old Cut field station of the Long Point
Bird Observatory facing east.  As the crane approached it's size
grabbed our attenion, and it quickly revealed white upper and
underparts, mostly white wings with black wing tips, and rusty
colouring retained on the head, neck and upper wing coverts.  The crane
was observed flying west about 50m above the marsh until it was lost
behind some trees further to the west.   

The bird was searched
for until dark but was not refound.  It's likely it could be anywhere
in the Long Point marshes, Big Creek National Wildlife Area or the
surrounding corn fields where Sandhill Cranes have been frequenting

While searching for the crane at the Big Creek National
Wildlife Area a Short-eared Owl flew in from the Inner Bay and continued
west over the marsh.

The Long Point Bird Observatory sightings board is up and running.  Visit - http://www.bsc-eoc.org/lpbo/sightings.html
for weekly highlights from the Long Point region.  The sightings board
is updated every Friday or more frequently if an accessible rare bird
shows up in the area.

Good Birding,


Directions to Long Point:    LPBO is situated on
      the north shore of Lake Erie, in Canada.  From Highway 401 or Highway 3, come south
      on Highway 59 to the north shore of Lake Erie. BSC's National Headquarters
      is situated at 115 Front St. in Port Rowan.  From Highway 59 south,
      turn east on Regional Rd 42 (Front St) and drive 400 metres to our
      building on the south side of the road.  LPBO's Old Cut Field Station
      is on Old Cut Blvd. on Long Point, just
      two streets before Highway 59 ends at Long Point Provincial Park. We are the 6th building
      on the right as you head north on Old Cut Blvd. from Highway 59. 

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