[Ontbirds]Hooded Warbler--Point Pelee and other migrants

Marianne Reid mbreid3 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 24 18:14:15 EDT 2007

   An  all  day search in Point Pelee National Park concluded with a male
   Hooded Warbler south of the Sanctuary Pond lookout this evening around

   Most birds today were at the north end of the park.

   Other migrants include:

   Pine Warbler-3
   Warbling Vireo-1
   White-eyed Vireo-2
   Black-and-white Warbler- 1
   Black-throated Green Warbler- 2
   Northern Parula-1
   Palm Warbler-2
   Yellow-rumped Warbler- lots!!! at least 50
   Chimney Swift-1
   Blue-headed Vireo-3
   Hermit Thrush-3
   Common Loon-2
   White-throated Sparrows -lots
   Both Kinglet Species- too many!!
   Yellow-bellied Sapsucker-1

   Good birding!
   Marianne & Jeremy

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