[Ontbirds]Kingston area birds to April 27, 2007

Peter and Jane Good goodcompany at sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 27 09:40:11 EDT 2007

It has been a good week in the Kingston area. Birds that were too numerous
to report specific sightings included Yellow- bellied Sapsucker, both
kinglets, Hermit Thrush, Brown Thrasher, E. Towhee, Winter Wren,
Yellow-rumped Warbler and many of the sparrows including Field, Chipping,
Fox, White-throated and Swamp.

The waterfowl migration has ebbed somewhat but highlights were a flock 80
Snow Geese (half blue, half white) over St. Lawrence College, 4 Canvasbacks
in Hay Bay, both reported last Friday, a Eurasian Wigeon on Amherst Island
on Monday (maybe the same bird that over-wintered at Dupont) and 2
Blue-winged Teal near Yarker (these are still not abundant yet).

American Bitterns have put in an appearance; 2 on the Canoe Lake Road last
Sunday and another at Moscow on Wednesday. There were also 3 Virginia Rails
at Moscow and a Common Moorhen near Yarker that same day. In searching for
Loggerhead Shrikes in the Newburgh area over 10 Upland Sandpipers were found
on the 24th and another 2 were on Unity Road on the 26th. There were 2
Greater Yellowlegs on Amherst on the 20th and a Spotted Sandpiper was south
of Napanee on the 26th. Five Caspian Terns were at the Amherstview sewage
lagoons last Friday.

The swallows are slowly reappearing; 5 Barn at Dupont last Friday and
another on Amherst on Monday; Purple Martins on Amherst on the 23rd and in
the city on the 25th.

Raptors this time of year provide an interesting mix. There were 2 Snowy
Owls and 9 Rough-legged Hawks on Amherst last Friday, and up the Canoe Lake
Road a Barred Owl and 18 Red-shouldered Hawks on Sunday. The first local
Broad-winged Hawk was found ,also on the Canoe Lake Road, on Wednesday.

The warbler migration is underway; Pine Warblers were reported from
Cartwright Pt. and from at least three locations on the Canoe Lake Road.
Palm Warblers were seen on the Rideau Trail in Kingston on Monday and on
Wolfe Island on Tuesday. Louisiana Waterthrush were found at two locations
up the Canoe Lake Road this week.

Miscellaneous observations included 3 Red-breasted Nuthatches on Amherst
last Friday, a N. Mockingbird near Newburgh on Tuesday, and a female
Black-backed Woodpecker at Charleston Lake P.P. on Wednesday.

Peter Good
Kingston Field Naturalists
613 378-6605

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