[Ontbirds]Fox Sparrow and Osprey in Ottawa

PETER HALL halljp at rogers.com
Mon Apr 30 13:10:03 EDT 2007

Hello Ontbirders:
  A few interesting birds back in the Ottawa area. In the Billings Bridge area off of Bank Street, there was a Fox Sparrow on Sunday, April 27, in my backyard at 24 Wendover Avenue. It was seen feeding on the ground several times during the day. On the Rideau River just west of Bank Street a male Wood Duck was in full breeding plumage.
  On the same day in the afternoon, there was a Pine Warbler singing and fully visible from some of the large pine trees in the Brittania Woods, Over Mud Lake at the Brittania Woods, an Osprey was circling overhead with a fish grasped in its talons.
  Good Birding
  Peter Hall
  Directions. To Billings Bridge, head south on Bank street from downtown Ottawa. Wendover Avenue is two blocks east of Bank Street just before you reach Billings Bridge. The Wood Duck can be seen from Billings Bridge where it crosses the Rideau River.
  To reach Brittania woods, head west from downtown Ottawa on Carling Avenue. Just past Lincoln Fields shopping Centre, turn right on Pilon Street. Follow it north until it turns left and hits Brittania Avenue. Turn right on Brittania until it dead ends at the Brittania Yacht Club. Turn right  and you can park at the woods near the trail entrance.

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