[Ontbirds]Red-necked Grebes, Bronte Creek Oakville

ray barlow raymondjbarlow at yahoo.ca
Wed May 9 20:29:07 EDT 2007

A great location to view these beautiful creatures.. Bronte marina is easy to find, and the grebes are back again!  We were here viewing and photographing, and I was witness to a cool "event" of mating attempt.  Hope you enjoy this small series on my website....


Off the QEW take Bronte road south towards the lake as far as you can go., a left at the water, and you are there... Look for a small playground, and walk to the water from there, you will see a tire floating in a marina cell, along a walkway.

kind regards, and good birding.
Raymond J Barlow
13 Sandra Crescent
Grimsby Ontario
L3M 4Y8


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