[Ontbirds]Le Conte's Sparrow and Warbler fallout @ Toronto Island

Jay Peterson pulchritudinousparula at hotmail.com
Thu May 10 15:22:20 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

What turned out to be a beautiful and very productive day on the island 
culminated with a LE CONTE'S Sparrow. I might add by far the most 
co-operative one I've seen. It was seen along the south end of the airport 
fence, almost at the corner towards the beach on Hanlan's. There is some 
dogwood along the fence, and right where that ends is where I saw it. I 
called over another birder in the vicinity (Roger Powley) and we re-found 

Overnight rains made the eastern woodlot on Wards island spectacular this 
moring with warblers on every tree. All told I had 19 species today.

Warblers include:

Wilson's (2) (behind the firehouse and Wards)
Tennessee (3) all calling! (Wards, Algonquin & Sanctuary)
Blue-Winged (Snake)
Cape May (Wards)
Northern Parula (22) Throughout
Magnolia (21) throughout
Common Yellowthroat (3) Wards, Hanlan's, Snake
American Redstart (12) throughout
Blackburnian (7) Mainly Wards and Sanctuary
Black-Throated Blue and BT-Green Warblers were in numbers I've never seen 
before throughout the island.

Finally was able to locate a Red-Eyed Vireo this year (Sanctuary loop trail) 
and a Philadelphia at Wards betwixt the scores of migrants this morning.

Other notables include a Canvasback off Snake island. Scarlet Tanager near 
the Hanlan ferry.  Thrushes were everywhere, among the ones I was able to 
actually get bins on, 20 Swainson's, 9 Veery, 2 Hermit and 6 Wood. Found by 
Norm Murr and I on Monday and still remaining a Winter Wren at Snug Harbour 
(which you can hear singing from quite far away).

If you need further directions for the Le Conte's you may e-mail me 

Good birding,

Jay Peterson

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