[Ontbirds]Brant Migration - W of Kingston - May 22 morning

frank.pinilla at bell.ca frank.pinilla at bell.ca
Tue May 22 07:20:46 EDT 2007


BIG movement of Brant heading north over the 401 at 7am.  I actually pulled over on the shoulder to watch 3 big flocks of Brant fly over, first two had 150 & 250 birds, the 3rd one had over 600 birds in it!  I then had a 4th flock another 5km west of the first location which had 200+ birds.  

This was all just west of Kingston at km 608 on Hwy 401.

How ironic too, as I just finished a big day around Ottawa where Brant was not one of the species seen.

Cheers & Good Birding,
Frank Pinilla
Richmond Hill, ON

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