[Ontbirds]Eastern Ontario Birds - Glossy Ibis, Marbled Godwit

David Britton brittondavid at hotmail.com
Thu May 24 07:20:47 EDT 2007

Yesterday, Wednesday, May 23, Jack Romanow and I completed a "big day" in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, ranging as far east as Alfred.  Birding was excellent (as was the weather!), and we managed to find 140 species.  Highlights included:
- Snow Goose (1) - Alfred Lagoons
- Brant (12) - On the Ottawa River off of the Shirley's Bay boat launch
- White-winged Scoter (5) - On the Ottawa River off of the Shirley's Bay boat launch
- Black-crowned Night-Heron - On nest at the Deschenes Rapids on the QC side (although barely visible through leaves)(1) and Marais aux Grenouillettes (1)
- Glossy Ibis - Winchester Sewage Lagoon - possibly the same bird that was at Casselman on May 20? Unfortunately the bird flew off and disappeared to the south at around 2:45pm
- 12 species of shorebirds at the Winchester Sewage Lagoon including:  Black-bellied Plover (5), Solitary Sandpiper (1), Pectoral Sandpiper (1), Dunlin (2), Wilson's Phalarope (6) and Red-necked Phalarope (1)
- Northern Saw-Whet Owl (1) - calling in the Richmond Fen area at the railway tracks on Kettles Rd.
- Marbled Godwit (1)- Alfred Sewage Lagoon - in the east cell, still present when we left at around 4:30pm
- Whip-poor-will (1) - calling on Vance's Sideroad at Constance Creek
- 4 species of vireo, including Philadelphia (Champlain Lookout in Gatineau Park) and Blue-Headedon (Highway 315 near Lac la Blanche, QC)
- Sedge Wren (1) - calling at night in fields on the east side of March Valley Rd. at the intersection with Klondike Rd.
- 18 species of warbler, including Northern Parula, Bay-breasted (both in Gatineau Park), Mourning (Highway 315 near Lac la Blanche, QC) and Wilson's (Britannia Conservation Area)
- 10 species of sparrow, including Field, Vesper, Grasshopper and Clay-coloured (Ottawa Airport) and a couple of late White-crowned (Gatineau Park, Marais aux Grenouillettes)
Please contact me if you want directions to any of these locations.
David Britton

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