[Ontbirds] Whimbrel numbers update on Etobicoke & Mississauga waterfront

Wayne Renaud wayne at renaudwebber.com
Thu May 24 20:13:42 EDT 2007

   The preliminary number of Whimbrel for C. Samuel Smith Park and Marie
Curtis Park has been raised to 3092 with addition of the flock of 200 seen
by David Hallette around 2:00 p.m. in CSSP.  This number combined with Chery
Edgecombe's 175+ seen at Saddington Park at the mouth of the Credit River
(about 4.5 km sw of Marie Curtis Park) put the final total in the stretch of
waterfront from CSSP to Saddington Park (approx. 10 kilometers) to 3,267.
Also today's morning total of 1641 previously posted is raised to 1771 based
on two addition flocks seen at CCSP around 3:00 p.m. (30 by myself and David
Hallett and 100 by Chery Edgecombe).
   To my knowledge the highest previous published counts for the Great Lakes
basin of 3000+ occured at Manitowac/Bailey's Hr., Lake Michigan, WI on 22
May 1980 (Kleen 1980) and 3000 at Toronto, Lake Ontario on 14 May 1988 (Weir
1988).   The next highest counts of 2892 were counted by me at dawn of 23
May 2005 at CSSP (previously posted) and of 2340 in Toronto and Whitby on 24
May 1992 (J. Guild/Weir 1992).
   It thus appears that a new record high count of 3,267 for the Great Lakes
watershed (and Ontario) may have been established yesterday on the
waterfronts of sw Toronto and sw Mississauga thanks to all those who helped
in the census.  

Kipling runs directly into Colonel Sam Smith Park and adjacent Humber
College Lakeshore campus, located west of Islington and east of Brown's Line
south of the Q.E.W.

Wayne Renaud
905.274.7103 or 905.278.5813
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