[Ontbirds]26 May: Etobicoke waterfront Whimbrel update.

Wayne Renaud wayne at renaudwebber.com
Sat May 26 17:29:05 EDT 2007

Apparently the Whimbel migration hasn't lost its momentum ... which is good
new for those who haven't had their WHIMBREL fix yet.   I suspect with
another system moving through over night and tomorrow morning their will be
a fair number of Whimbrel still on move tomorrow.

Since the morning posting Whimbrels have been moving past the park regularly
until 5:00 pm when I just left.
by Linda Wells: 100 at 8:00 am; 70 at 9:30 am; 17 at 9:38;
by David Hallett: 400 e to w 9:45 am; 200 w to e 10:00 am; 260 circling for
10 minutes 10:10 am;
by Wayne Renaud & David Hallett: 350 circling thorough rank of rain showers
nw of park 3:00 pm; 19 from e to w 3:20 pm; 24 from w to e 4:25 pm; 50 e to
w 4:50 pm.  
Adding this to the total day count as of 7:00 am (436) = 1916.

>Kipling runs directly into Colonel Sam Smith Park and adjacent Humber College
Lakeshore campus, located west of Islington and east of Brown's Line south
of the Q.E.W.
>Wayne Renaud
>905.274.7103 or 905.278.5813
>wayne at renaudwebber.com 

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