[Ontbirds] Update: 27 May Whimbrels at Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Etobicoke.

Wayne Renaud wayne at renaudwebber.com
Sun May 27 20:45:43 EDT 2007

   Well much to everone's surprise smaller number of Whimbrels continue to
move over CSSP this morning.
   None was seen by me from 6:00 to 7:00 but I saw a few later in the
morning.  Jerry Lewchysknyk recorded the most birds:  'before 10:00am' =
225; Joan Winearls & Barbara Katoff: groups of 18, 30 & 30 around 8:00 am;
Bruce Wilkinson: 2; Imre ? and Wayne Renaud: 2 at 10:55 e to w; 20 at 11:00 e to
w.  Preliminary total = 327.
    Another flock of 150 seen by Linda Wells, Bob Cummings & Margaret Bain
flying westward at 7.45am on the 26th was missed in the total I submitted
yesterday ... bringing yesterday's total to 2066.
   This brings the total Whimbrels recorded along the Lake Ontario
waterfront from Etobicoke's parks: CSSP (mostly) & Marie Curtis Park and
Mississauga's Saddington Park at Credit River mouth to 9029.
    Joan Winearls & Barbara Katoff topped off the afternoon with a female
Connecticut Warbler in the overgrown mix of deciduous and evergreen trees
east a cross the sports field from the creek.
   Again thanks for all those, starting with Jean Iron, who went the extra
mile in providing Whimbrel records in a much more complete picture of this
spectacular and memorable ending to  the southern Ontario spring migration.
My condolances go to the few who missed seeing one!

Kipling runs directly into Colonel Sam Smith Park and adjacent Humber
College Lakeshore campus, located west of Islington and east of Brown's Line
south of the Q.E.W.

Wayne Renaud
905.274.7103 or 905.278.5813
wayne at renaudwebber.com 

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