[Ontbirds]Blue Snow Goose, RN Grebe @ Exeter lagoons

Rick Thornton rickthor at sympatico.ca
Sun May 27 21:13:00 EDT 2007

Blue phase Snow Goose in the 3rd cell at Exeter lagoons this evening, very
much in the company of a Canada Goose. These two were swimming together,
flew together and gave every appearance of being paired up. They eventually
flew off to the north in the company of other Canada's. In this 3rd cell
were also, Pintails and quite a few pairs of Wood Ducks. In the 1st cell as
you walk in, the Red Necked Grebe continued to be found this evening.
Directions:  Exeter is 30 miles north of London, and the lagoons are a mile
and a quarter to the west off 83 highway. Turn south off 83 onto Airport
Line and continue to the second gate on the left. 
Good Birding,
Rick Thornton

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