[Ontbirds]Durham Big Day scores 170

d beadle dbeadle at hotmail.com
Sun May 27 22:15:29 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Yesterday (26 May) Kim Baker, Brian Henshaw, Jay Vandergaast and myself 
entertained ourselves with a big day entirely within Durham county. The 
weather was remarkably cooperative and we ended up with a very respectable 
170 species. The highlight was a Willet at Darlington beach which flew in 
high from the south, plummeted down to the marsh, stayed for about five 
minutes and then flew off to the west.

We did reasonably well with the regular breeding birds, very poorly with 
migrant passerines, but had great success with shorebirds and lingering 
ducks. This was our best outing for many years. We all felt that with a 
better "wave day" the long-standing Durham record of 182 could have been 
ours for the taking. Oh well - there's always next year...

Apologies for this somewhat tardy post.

Dave Beadle

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