Scot Russell outreach at hullettmarsh.org
Thu Jun 14 09:22:08 EDT 2007

Hello Fellow Birders,

It's been an extremely interesting week at the Hullett Marsh.  Sightings have
been spectacular of Least Bittern, Black Tern, Great Egret, Sandhill Cranes
(which are most likely nesting) and a VERY LATE Tundra Swan. 

LEAST BITTERN: was seen flying from a large cattail patch east of Front Rd. 
across the road and towards the center of the marsh.  This is the first record
of a spotting of the bird, made by myself, for this year.  It's been heard on
numerous occasions however. 

BLACK TERN: Seen foraging for food, skimming the water in the SW corner of the
Bluebill Pool.  The bird seems to favour the west-hand side of the pool.  It
has been seen fairly regularly lately. 

GREAT EGRET: One seen yesterday in the Butterball Pool.  One to three have be
spotted there this week and last by staff here.  In past years 20-24 have been
seen per day and about 10 in one spot!

TUNDRA SWAN:  There is one VERY LATE Tundra Swan in the marsh.  An immature
Tundra is hanging out in the Butterball Pool - with the Egret. 

A multitude of Great Blue Herons can be found everywhere at Hullett, as well
Virginia Rail, Sora, American Bittern, Coots, and the odd Ruddy Duck are heard
and/or seen. 

Good Birding!

DIRECTIONS TO HULLETT - Hullett is just East of Clinton, in Central Huron
                                          Coming From the North or South - take
HWY 4 to Hydro Line Rd and follow the sign. 
                                          (Hydro Line Rd. is found just North of
                                          Coming From the West or East - take
HWY 8 to Sanctuary Line and again follow the
                                          Sanctuary Line is East of Clinton. 

For more information, please contact myself via email or call the office,
between 8-4:30 M-F.  Thanks. 
Scot Russell
Outreach Coordinator
Friends of Hullett/Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area
outreach at hullettmarsh.org
(519) 482-7011

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